V. provides a full range of ship management and marine support services around the globe. Guided by our values, including The V.Way, we aim to deliver excellence in every area in which we operate, with safety being our number one priority.

The V.Way is, simply, the way things are done here. It provides each colleague with an overview of all the non-negotiable standards and practices that are fundamental to our culture and the way we work, and to which we hold each other accountable.

By making the V.Way an integral part of our onboarding process through this bespoke tool, every colleague is assured of the standards delivered and expected by everyone else in the organisation, underpinning our commitment to outstanding service delivery on behalf of our customers.

In addition, as you work through the V.Way – and as you live & breath it in your daily activities – you will see that everything here underpins our key corporate values;

  • We careWe Care
    We care about our colleagues, our customers, and our company
  • We challengeWe Challenge
    We challenge by innovating to keep us and our customers ahead of the competition
  • We collaborateWe Collaborate
    We collaborate by connecting and communicating to ensure alignment
  • We are consistentWe are Consistent
    We are consistent, always operating in a safe and regulatory compliant way
  • We commit and deliverWe Commit and Deliver
    We commit and deliver and always aim to keep our promises

So, please do take your time to understand and absorb all of the content here in the V.Way, here and through all of the sections ahead – this is literally our way of working safely, efficiently, and ensuring V. Win Together!

Our ongoing strategy is to focus on delivering excellent ship management services, whilst strengthening our position as a leading provider of marine support services, and commit ourselves to continuous improvement in every area.

  • Enhancing our Operating Model
    To provide safe, high quality and regulatory compliant services to our customers on a global basis, 24 hours of every day.
  • Investing in Talent
    To ensure we have the best people in our industry both onshore and at sea, in order to provide highest quality service to all our customers.
  • Innovating
    To use data-driven insights and technology to drive better outcomes for our customers.
  • Driving Organic Growth
    We acquire other businesses where they can enhance the service we are able to offer our customers.
  • Maintaining Financial Discipline
    We can run our business to the highest standards, managing risks prudently whilst continuing to invest in our services.

v group logo

In order to execute on our strategy, and to deliver on our service delivery commitments, V. is structured into 2 distinct Business Units (BU’s) with specific entities within those BU’s delivering their own specific services;

V.Ships provides our Ship Management and Crew Management services to vessel owners and operators, globally, and includes the following brands;

dania logo

itm logo

v ships leisure logo

v ships offshore logo

V.Services provides our marine services and products to existing V.Ships customers, but also to 3rd party customers outside of V., and includes the following brands;

GMT logo

Marcas logo

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Seatec logo

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With the Group, and our individual operating entities structured in this manner, we have clear vertical lines of commercial accountability, whilst enabling direct cooperation and collaboration between the individual entities to ensure mutually-beneficial servic e delivery.
Through this model we can ensure sustainable growth for V., whilst leveraging the size and scale of our global reach to bring down costs and time associated for our customer, across our entire range of services.
Operating in this manner, to the benefit of our customers and ourselves, further reinforces the value and message that V. Win Together!

V.Group puts great importance on our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and in the pursuit of excellence in all our operations around the world. To achieve this, we work in partnership with our colleagues, stakeholders, customers and suppliers, as well as local communities.

Together with the Board of Directors, we embrace our commitment to best-practice corporate governance. With continuous improvement, we work to ensure our businesses meet and, where possible, exceed all ethical and legal expectations. Most importantly, we aim to maintain trust among our stakeholders, between the Group and the countries in which we operate.

Our approach to CSR covers many initiatives and is based on a commitment to maintaining high standards in everything we do. We’re always mindful of the ever increasing need to invest in improving the capabilities of all our colleagues, and in the management systems they use.

It’s our belief that we must continue to work hard in creating a culture that believes in doing what is right; right for our clients and the wider communities we serve, the environment and for our team members. Our reputation is built on a strong foundation of honesty and transparency, both in day-to-day business, and when we handle issues involving people, property and the environment. Moving forward, we’re committed to protecting this reputation and that of our partners.

At V. the safety of our seafarers, colleagues, and managed vessels is our very licence to operate, and it is therefore critical to ensure we maintain robust standards in the assurance and continual improvement of our outstanding service delivery.

Our fully-digital V.MS contains all the key operational processes and polices for our Ship Management business, and ensures that V. colleagues can immediately access and search for key guidance, in an easy-to-use and readily updated format.

The V.MS is our core management system that ensures compliance with statutory obligations, such as the ISM Code and MARPOL, but also industry and operational best-practices and standards, such as TMSA. As such, active use and application of, and compliance with, the V.MS is mandatory in order to ensure we remain compliant with our legal and moral obligations, in the promotion of outstanding service delivery.

V. colleagues onboard can access the V.MS directly online, or through a cached offline version onboard when out of communication coverage, and V.MS platform training is provided as part of our mandatory onboarding for seafarer officers.

Onshore colleagues can access the V.MS directly through V.Net, our intranet service from any computer or mobile device connected to the V. network.

At V., HSSEQ Excellence starts with and is owned by every single colleague – we all have the ability to make decisions and influence working practices that will ensure the safety and wellbeing of people, the planet, and property through effective and consistent HSSEQ leadership.

As such, our HSSEQ Excellence Charter clearly lays down the leadership expectations of every V. colleague, whether ashore or afloat, in order to foster a HSSEQ culture that we can all play a part in, and be truly proud of.

The Charter outlines what is required to deliver against our fundamental HSSEQ values – Vision, Accountability, Collaboration, Action, and Communication – and the various expectations, behaviours, tactical tools and systems required to do so, including references to our V.MS and key HSSEQ processes and policies.

Colleagues can access the HSSEQ Charter and further details through dedicated sites (links below), and copies are posted in every vessel and every shore site, to keep our HSSEQ Excellence values and expectations visible at all times.


Click here for more details on the V.Care seafarer site


Click here for more details on the HSSEQ SharePoint site

V. operates a ‘Stop Work’ policy, that is applicable to everyone, regardless of rank or role, and is one of our fundamental HSSEQ non-negotiables, as referred in our HSSEQ Excellence Charter.

In summary;

  • V. expects everyone to use the Stop Work policy whenever unsafe acts or conditions are encountered, and work needs to be safely stopped
  • Everyone, regardless of rank or role, is to respect and comply with the correct use of the Stop Work policy, and to cooperate in addressing the unsafe acts or conditions, to enable work to recommence safely
  • Successful use of the Stop Work policy is viewed as a positive event within V. – it is a deliberate act to prevent incidents, and is clear evidence of our safety culture and HSSEQ leadership in practice

To reinforce and promote the use of our Stop Work policy, V. provides every colleague with a pocket card that has our Stop/Go reminder on one side, and summary of our V.Rules on the other.

We expect every colleague to carry this card when working and to utilise it to remind them of our lifesaving V.Rules, and associated safe working practices, and to use the Stop/Go element to safely work at all times.

Please be sure to reach out to your local HSSEQ team if you have not received your pocket card, and be sure to review the V.Rules training materials on OTG (for seafarers) and on Percipio (for shore colleagues).

In order to drive a performance culture, and reinforce our commitment to outstanding service delivery to our customers, V. has core Operational Non-Negotiables that dictate behaviours and compliance activities where we have zero optionality;

  • Failure to report reportable events
    V. expects that all reportable events, whether incidents, defects, vetting Findings, or outcomes from audits/inspections, are reported in a detailed, timely, and compliant manner at all times, as defined within the V.MS.

    As per our HSSEQ Excellence Charter, “Report in a timely manner.”

  • Failure to escalate
    V. expects that any actual or potential risks, impacts, customer concerns, reputational damage, or potential non-compliance issues are escalated through the operational organisation in a timely, effective and clear manner.

    As per our HSSEQ Excellence Charter, “If You see it, You own it!”

  • Failure to engage with seafarers
    The effective and timely execution of key seafarer engagement activities such as Senior Leader Engagement (SLE) sessions, onboarding meetings and interviews, annual appraisals, and timely Vessel Inspection reports (VIRs) are a non- negotiable part in building and maintaining relationships with our vessel crews.

    As per our HSSEQ Excellence Charter, “We Win Together!”

These programs set and document the core operational activities that are measured and reported against for our stakeholders and customers, and are calculated against industry-recognised metrics and definitions so we can benchmark our internal performance against industry trends, and drive continual improvement of same.

Internally, we then use the same KPIs and metrics to drive continual execution against and improvement of our core operational tasks and service deliverables, thus ensuring our focus on these areas is continuous and consistent, from our Fleet Cells through the senior Leadership Team, right up to our Board.

For a high-level summary of our Service Delivery performance, we report on our “Top 12” KPIs to the Board monthly, and utilise the same data at our monthly Risk & Performance Reviews, conducted with each individual Ship Management office leadership team.

For a deeper view of our core service delivery processes, the V.VP provides a detailed set of measurements and metrics, displayed live to the business via a detailed dash board, which in itself is used to drive operational action and ownership at our Fleet Cell and Operations meetings, as well as at monthly Risk & Performance Reviews.

As with all core operational activities, our performance and analytics relies on the consistent and accurate use of ShipSure, our own proprietary ERP upon which all of our core ship management activities relies, and through which our colleagues can actively and effectively plan, manage, and monitor their daily working activities.

In line with our ‘We care’ value, V.’s Legal and Compliance policies are set out in our dedicated Legal and Compliance Policies page and updated on a regular basis to provide Group colleagues (including seafarers as well as others where applicable e.g. contractors, supplier and job applicants) with a core set of compliance and ethics policies to observe.

These policies are fully aligned with the laws in place in the jurisdictions where we operate.

V.Legal constantly monitor changes to legislation across all areas of our business to ensure that V. remains compliant with all relevant legislation and reduce risk of claims.

We have devised corresponding training courses designed to ensure Group colleagues have a base level understanding of their corresponding compliance and ethical obligations.  These courses are available on Percipio.

Further to our Group protocol and policies, V. Legal undertake and maintain KYC on all new counterparties as well as routine checks on existing counterparties.

Group Legal look after V.’s whistleblower reporting service, where colleagues, seafarers and third parties can report any concerns they have about breaches of policies and procedures around the group.

In addition to carrying out sanctions checks against our contractual counterparties and banking entities as part of our KYC process, we also carry out sanctions checks on  vessels and cargo to support our fleet cells, etc.

Contract Management

V.Legal have also produced standard form templates (most of which are available on our Legal and Compliance Policies page) for use in discussions with clients. These include the following:

  • Shipman/Crewman agreements and accompanying guidance notes
  • Inter-company agreements
  • Debt collection/credit control templates
  • Onshore facilities & supplier agreements
  • Risk management & claim prevention tool kits
  • Non-disclosure agreements

Group colleagues can also contact V.Legal if they require a bespoke agreement.

We support all areas of the business in the negotiation and review of commercial contracts with ship owners, suppliers, seafarers and others to ensure that V. is protected from a contractual perspective.


V.Legal support growth through corporate acquisitions, collaborations and partnerships.  We work alongside the commercial teams across the group to negotiate, agree and finalise all kinds of corporate transactions.


Our people are our greatest asset –Group HR acts a strategic partner that ensures our people are developed and managed in a way that supports our business goals.

We are a trusted service – coaching / confidante / guidance / advisor  – technical and soft skills plus career development.

  1. Recruitment
  2. System – PeopleConnect. Responsible for employee data, supporting training
  3. Local Teams – support to employee  / coaching & mentoring managers
  4. Crisis Management – Support during critical situations (personal & professional)
  5. Legal ‘Speak Up’ – investigations, impartiality, other processes such as redundancies
  6. Org Development – design & facilitate local career progression for talent
  7. Wellbeing – provide local training to support wellbeing and mental health of local offices
  8. Training – Provide trainings to promoted people, system training on how to use the system, access parts of the system, how to use during key performance calendar
  9. Support – support colleagues with group activities


Welcome Aboard!
The first 90 days of any new colleague’s employment with V. is a critical stage in their Onboarding Journey and enables them to work in partnership with their manager and their colleagues to achieve success. The Onboarding Journey will help them understand:

  • The organisation they are part of
  • Their role and how it contributes
  • The systems and processes they will use
  • Ways of working, as part of their team and with their manager
  • Their key objectives for the year ahead

Resource Hub
A key element of the Onboarding Journey is ensuring new colleagues can easily access and quickly understand where to find the information they need to be able to perform their new role within V. Hyperlinks to V.Connect, V.Net, V.Way and V.MS are signposted in this new section of the Onboarding Journey. This was missing in the past and is a critical element for new colleagues, particularly but not exclusively those in V.Ships.

PeopleConnect and ITConnect are also highlighted in this section as they are resources a new colleague will use as part of their Onboarding Journey.

Induction Training
Induction training is pivotal for new hires to align with our company’s culture and standards. All newcomers must complete mandatory training modules—compliance and ethics, corporate induction, cyber security, and job-specific technical or functional training—within their induction period.

Successfully completing these courses is integral to passing their probation.

These modules will be automatically available on their respective learning platforms, ensuring seamless access and a structured path to meeting our expectations for professionalism and ethical conduct.


Performance management is a key framework within V, designed to support and enhance your professional development and alignment with our strategic objectives. As a new hire, you’ll engage in regular performance development reviews and objective setting exercises that foster continuous improvement and personal growth.

This process not only helps in identifying your strengths and areas for development but also in aligning your objectives with the wider organisational targets. Through constructive feedback, tailored development plans, and recognition of your achievements, we aim to create a supportive environment that encourages excellence and accountability.

Your participation in our performance management system is essential for your career progression and our collective success.


Learning and development are at the heart of our approach to fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation. As part of our commitment to your growth, we offer comprehensive training opportunities tailored to enhance your skills and knowledge.

Our training encompasses a variety of formats, from online courses and workshops to on-the-job experiences and customised professional development programs, aimed at supporting your career progression and personal enrichment.

Specifically, we offer two key learning platforms:

Focused on professional business and soft skills, Percipio serves as the cornerstone for our mandatory compliance training, including the induction courses. It’s an invaluable resource for enhancing your professional capabilities and ensuring you’re well-versed in our operational standards and ethics.

Catered towards our seafarers and shore-based employees with technical roles, OTG specialises in maritime technical eLearning. It’s designed to equip you with the specific technical skills and knowledge crucial for excelling in your role and meeting the unique challenges of our industry.

While we encourage you to fully exploit these platforms for self-growth, bear in mind that access to certain resources may be tailored to best suit specific career needs and learning objectives. These platforms are instrumental in your professional development journey, offering tailored learning experiences to foster your success.



In a rapidly evolving maritime landscape, our commitment to excellence in Environmental, Social and Governance aspects defines our journey towards a sustainable and responsible future.

Consolidate ESG Performance Drivers Across Group

At the heart of our mission is the consolidation of Environmental, Social, and Governance performance drivers across our entire group. We believe in integrating sustainability seamlessly into our operations, ensuring that every decision we make aligns with our commitment to reducing our environmental impact, fostering social responsibility, and maintaining robust governance practices.

V.’s ESG Performance Impacts

  • Talent acquisition and retention, with more and more people placing value on equity, inclusion and environmental performance of their organization.

  • Financial reporting; Investors, lenders and clients increasingly want to see the plans for improvements of ESG Performance as a method of monitoring business resilience.

  • Clients care about the quality of ESG data we can provide them for their disclosures, as well as V’s performance as they wish to work with responsible partners.

Identify Risks & Opportunities to V

In our dynamic industry, staying abreast of emerging trends and challenges is paramount. Our team constantly scans the maritime landscape to identify risks and opportunities that may impact our group. By remaining vigilant and adaptable, we position ourselves to navigate the complex currents of change, ensuring resilience and sustainability for the long voyage ahead.

Climate change and the regulations imposed to curb it, both present risks and opportunities for V. and clients that must be identified and addressed. The function of ESG & Sustainability is to identify these and raise with the appropriate departments to ensure risks and opportunities are mitigated and capitalized upon, respectively.

Most notably, the EU’s Fit for 55 policy which was established to meet climate goals has changed the way shipping in the EU operates through EU ETS.

Collaboration with Center for Zero Carbon Shipping to accelerate decarb of maritime industry

We understand that the journey towards a sustainable maritime industry requires collaboration on a global scale. That’s why we are proud to collaborate with the Center for Zero Carbon Shipping. Together, we are accelerating the decarbonization of the maritime sector, leveraging innovation and best practices to shape a future where our industry operates in harmony with the planet.

Together we work on

  • Ammonia Safety: De-risking the use of Ammonia as a marine fuel.

  • Green Corridors: Unlocking the uptake of alternative fuels for first movers via feasibility studies.

  • Regulatory Impact:  Assessing and suggesting potential short-to-mid terms measures to IMO, to stimulate correct and fair regulations which incentivize decarbonization.


Client Partnership for ESG Excellence

As a key point of contact for our clients, we serve as navigators for those looking to steer their ESG strategy. We recognize that sustainability is not just a corporate responsibility but a strategic advantage. By partnering with us, our clients are not only making a positive impact on the world but also fortifying their businesses for a sustainable and prosperous future.

With the introduction of Regulations that mean clients “Pay-to-Pollute”,  V have launched V.ERDE to accurately track and provide best in class consulting services on how clients can decarbonize their fleet.

ESG disclosure reporting is becoming commonplace across global industries. As companies are forced to report their Scope 3 emissions (Emissions caused by the transportation of goods), many of our clients will be put under pressure to provide accurate data on their vessel’s emissions, and quickly.

Data on waste, chemical consumption and social factors may also be required for some disclosure reports, so it’s imperative that all environmental data is recorded by the ships in ShipSure. Where gaps in environmental reporting occur, it’s important it is addressed with the crew or the ShipSure team to determine the cause and address it.

We proactively raise ESG topics and environmental performance in our regular client meetings, ensuring that they are aware of upcoming regulatory changes and their impact to operations.

At V., we strive to be ‘The Committed Partner of Progress for Everything at Sea.’ That commitment shines through in everything we do, and is reinforced by the consistent execution of our identity. Our brand is an embodiment of our larger strategy, and ultimately reflects the quality of our service and business.

So, why is the V. brand important to us?  A brand is a powerful asset that goes beyond just a logo or name. It encapsulates the company’s values, reputation, and promise to customers, playing a vital role in its success and longevity.  It is the face of V. and helps to create a distinct identity, essential for standing out in our crowded industry.  It helps differentiate our products and services from our competitors.  It shows why customers should choose us over others. Our strong brand also has internal benefits.  It can boost employee morale and pride, our employees can identify with our brand and its values, contributing to a positive workplace.



Our voice is a fundamental part of our brand, and a distinguishable asset that sets us apart from competitors.

It’s how we explain what we do and connect to people and partners, wherever they are in the world. Whether on ship or shore, we do what we say and we say what we mean. Our nautical spirit means that we always prize clarity and brevity in our writing, demonstrating our efficiency and reliability.

Our Tone is a blueprint for V. writers, so that whatever message needs to be communicated, it has the consistency and distinctive voice of V.

Our key messages are useful for every member of the company to be familiar with and use. They cover our most important topics in our concise and distinctive V. voice, and are best practice examples of our tone in action.


Our logo is the beacon of our brand. Inspired by the bow of a ship, it is confident, clear and distinctive. It’s the most easily-identifiable expression of who we are and what we stand for. And, when used consistently, it builds recognition of our brand so when people see the V. they know what it means. Quality, reliability and commitment.

Our logo is our most important brand asset and should be used on all communications. It is crafted for standout, confidence and clarity, embodying the values of V.


Our iconic colour palette is inspired by our home – the ocean. Our combination of greens is a truly unique palette that’s built to function effectively across all digital and physical applications. Alongside our extended palette, these colours allow us to communicate more clearly and help us stand out in a competitive field.


Our typography is a visual representation of our tone of voice, reflecting the physical and digital spirit of V. We use one beautifully designed font, Amina, to provide clarity and focus to our communications, ensuring that all our messages are clearly communicated and heard.


Our art direction reflects a broad range of subjects – technology, people and places – to authentically showcase what we do, and how we do it. It allows us to show the sheer scale of V.’s influence – from macro to micro – in a style that is coherent, consistent and distinctly V.


With the development of ShipSure 3, we will empower customers to access information, communicate with colleagues across the globe, and streamline their operations in ways they couldn’t have imagined before. It’s not just about efficiency; it’s about empowerment. The new version will also bring a consistent and reusable platform to allow V.Group to quickly pivot to our customer needs in the future.


Corporate data is a strategic asset for V.Group and our customers. It helps us to plan, grow, innovate, and manage risks in a data-driven world. It’s not just information; it’s the key to our success.


Cyber security is essential for V.Group in the digital age. It protects our data, our reputation, our compliance, our operations, and our innovations. It’s not just a defensive measure; it’s a strategic advantage that enables us to thrive in a dynamic and competitive market.

Security Operations Centre (SOC)
We are implementing a 24×7 centralised team to monitor, detect and respond to cyber threats across V.Group. A SOC is vital for protecting our data, reputation, compliance and operations in the digital age.

Colleague Education
We will continue to develop KnowBe4, vessel cyber drills and phishing tests to boost our cyber security skills and culture.

Tooling Improvements
We are implementing modern cyber security tools to enable faster threat detection, response and mitigation. New tools will help protect our data, reputation, compliance and operations from evolving cyber-attacks.

We will begin an ISO27001 accreditation journey to enhancing our information security, support new business, comply with regulations and gain a competitive edge.

Ongoing Cyber Defence Developments
Cybersecurity success hinges on staying proactive, embracing technology advancements, and fostering a culture of security awareness to effectively safeguard against evolving cyber threats. Look out for news from the V.Group Global IT Communications mailbox on our latest developments aimed at keeping V.Group as secure as possible

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