Lay-up management

What is lay-up management?

In some cases, the nature of the shipping industry calls for owners to opt to lay-up their assets in response to an unfavourable market environment. Laying up a ship means to temporarily phase out the vessel’s commercial operations. Lay-up is often the preferred option during an economic downturn as opposed to selling the vessel.

There are two different ways to lay-up vessels: respectively, cold and hot lay-ups. Whilst both lay-up operations options preserve the security, safety and protection of the vessel, the cold lay-up will demand a longer period of inactivity with the vessel anchored in a safe place. The hot lay-up will ensure a shorter period of inactivity, with the vessel being kept in a fully operational state.

V.Group lay-up management solutions

V.Group has expertise in providing efficient lay-up management services across all segments of the maritime industry, including Leisure, Offshore and Cargo vessels. With our extended established and integrated services, we can assist and manage lay-up requirements whether for hot or cold lay-ups. We provide hot and cold lay-up solutions by trained professionals and will take care of your assets to ensure optimal vessel management when reactivated.

Based on our client’s requirements, we offer customised lay-up solutions, according to class and insurance guidelines. A full maintenance plan as well as a comprehensive assessment of requirements will be provided.

What to expect from V.Group hot and cold lay-ups

Cold lay-up

  • Safe preservation of your vessel
  • Safe anchorage at your identified location under strict supervision
  • Vessel maintained in optimum conditions
  • Longer reactivation period

Hot lay-up

  • Safe preservation of your vessel
  • Minimum safe manning to maintain the vessel
  • Lay-up according to class and insurance guidelines
  • Operational cost optimised during lay-up, with minimal cost for reactivation
  • Faster reactivation period

Partnering with V.Group for your lay-up operations

A responsible partner you can rely on
We will complete your new lay-up service to high standards. With our established experience in ship management services, we have managed a significant number of lay-up projects over 35 years.

Supporting all segments of the shipping industry

With the support of our business branches, we are in position to support lay-up operations for Leisure, Offshore and Cargo vessels.

Seamless process from arrival to reactivation
From the initial scope of requirements, to finding the right location for laying up your vessel, you will experience a smooth customer journey with one partner.

Local knowledge within a flexible, global network

We rely heavily on local knowledge to ensure safe and efficient handling during either cold or hot lay-ups. When necessary, we incorporate expertise from our global network into the project team, in line with client requirements.

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