Our cadets can expect a consistent program regardless of their nationality or residency. We seek to ensure that our program covers the career development and learning requirements that our cadets need, whilst ensuring that all cadets operate in a manner consistent with V.Group’s expectations.


  • All cadets will be welcomed to the program through orientations delivered at the local office or virtually by the Cadet Career Development Officer.
  • Cadets will be introduced to their Cadet Career Development Officer and local office staff
  • Cadets will learn about V.Group, what we do, our values, and our safety culture
  • Cadets will know what resources they have to deal with issues throughout the program, including who they can contact

Academic studies

  • Cadets are expected to complete their academic studies and perform well in all areas of their course in order to progress through the program and be considered for promotion upon completion.
  • Cadets can contact their Cadet Career Development Officer for mentoring and support, who will be monitoring their progress.
  • Cadet Career Development Officers will utilise network of retired and active seafarers to support with guidance and knowledge
  • Cadets are expected to uphold V.Group values, demonstrate our safety culture and abide by the code of conduct throughout their studies.

Sea time experience

  • All cadets accepted to the program are guaranteed Sea Time experience
  • Cadets are required to have a minimum of 12 months sea-time experience, or as required by local administration, whichever is greater
  • Shipboard Training Officers will coordinate practical training onboard and will regularly monitor and mentor cadets
  • More details on training, appraisal, study time, and work and rest are covered in the dedicated section.


  • All cadets will be appraised on their performance throughout the period of the program, ensuring that cadets are provided with feedback and training requirements in order to develop the necessary skills to be an officer
  • Cadets are responsible for ensuring they meet their respective national requirements to process the Certificate of Competency. Cadets will be supported by Cadet Career Development Officers in ensuring paperwork is correctly completed.
  • Upon receiving Certificate of Competency Cadets will be required to pass the V.Group promotion assessment, as outlined the dedicated section.

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