Crew Solutions

The shipping industry employs in excess of 1,500,000 seafarers globally. The demand for high quality officers and ratings will increase as ship design and equipment becomes more sophisticated. Shipping companies wishing to maintain a competitive advantage over their competitors heavily in tools to attract retain and train the top seafarers. Such investment will result in happier and healthy seafarers, a safer working environment and less incidents on board. V.Scope will work with your in-house crewing organisation by developing industry leading insurance solutions to promote the health and well- being of your seafarers, and ensure compliance with industry legislation.

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Crew Benefits

In recent years, with the advent of stricter legislation relating to a shipping company’s duty of care to the seafarers, many companies are choosing to invest in a benefit scheme for their seafarers similar to that providing to shore-based staff. V.Scope has access to the leading industry providers of worldwide healthcare insurance products, with many products developed solely with the aim of supporting ship owner and ship managers to fulfil their obligations under the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC 2006).

This insurance product allows a shipping company to provide a consistently high level of care to a multinational seafarer pool as opposed to relying on insurance solutions in the seafarers’ country of domicle. This allows ship owners to take advantage of their economies of scale and obtain competitive priced insurance for their seafarers with A rated insurance companies.

Cover is available to the seafarer whilst on leave in their country of domicile and can be extended to include year round insurance and support to the seafarer’s immediate family.

Combined with our Crew Cover, this provides the seafarers with year round access to the best insurance cover available in the industry.

Crew Benefits

Crew Cover

V.Scope is able to facilitate standalone crew cover for ship owners and their managers to respond to your legal, contractual liability towards the crew. Cover includes traditional crew liabilities including costs and expenses arising under a crew employment contract and/or collective bargaining agreement, as well as diversion costs, life salvage, fines and disinfection and quarantine expenses.

High limits of cover are available, as well as deductibles levels to reflect a company’s particular appetite for risk retention.

V.Scope is able to provide a cost efficient claims handling service.

All products are fully compliant with the ship owner’s obligations under the MLC.

Combination of the Crew Cover with a Crew Benefits solution has proven to be an optimal insurance solution, combining a holistic approach to claims at sea and at home.

Crew Cover

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