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Distressed Asset Management

Distressed Asset Management


V.Ships Ship Management has significant experience in handling the takeover and return to service of distressed assets.

The ship management team  work closely with

  • Banks
  • Liquidators
  • Financial Houses
  • Admiralty Marshals
  • Ship Owners

to ensure that vessels can be reactivated with the minimum of cost and off hire time.

For example 4 modern  tankers were unexpectedly returned to their owners  from a bareboat charter and continued to trade.

This was achieved  by V.Ships ensuring that Oil Major status was  maintained as part of the Ship Management takeover process. 

We understand the unpredictable nature of these situations and need for rapid reaction and flexibility.

Project plans for handling of distressed assets can be provided quickly to owners, and sea and shore staff activated at short notice by utilising our size and extensive worldwide network. 

V.Ships also provides owners consultancy services to companies without the necessary hands on expertise or capabilities to monitor the  condition, and financial and technical performance of their assets.

Key contacts

United Kingdom

Matt Dunlop
  • Matt Dunlop
  • Group Director - Ship Management
  • Tel: +44 (0)141 243 2435

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